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ACEG Building Industrial Company tops the list of digital workshops evaluated
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  2021-07-19   Hits:220  Source:ACEG Sanjian Co., Ltd.   Author:Admin.
On July 8, Hefei Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology announced the list of qualified companies that have passed the evaluation as intelligent factories and digital workshops in Hefei in 2020 (Digital Workshops) on which Anhui Building Industry Co., Ltd. ranked the first.
Screenshot pictures of the announcement and the list of qualified companies that have passed the evaluation and ACEG Building Industrial Company is at top of the list and marked in red frame
Since 2018, ACEG Building Industrial Company has carried out its building layouts of high-standard intelligent manufacturing plant, striving to build itself as a high-level digital workshop / an intelligent factory. Not only that, the company has been increasing its investments in hardware and software construction in recent years and established its scientific research center and production lines and purchased automation equipment and experimental instruments and trained more than 30 scientific researchers. The company also cooperated with Anhui University and developed a set of information management system named Smart-PC, which has made full use of Internet-plus intellection in forming an intelligent prefabricated component cooperative manufacturing management system featured in clear logic, standardized operation and reliable execution of data and high efficiency and realized the end-to-end integration and application of the prefabricated component production data.
With Smart-PC information management system, the company has achieved digital managements on works of design, production scheduling, production, acceptance, warehousing, logistics, materials, cost, quality, safety, environmental protection, personnel and other aspects.
It was reported that more than 150 enterprises from various industries in the city passed the evaluation and got ranked on the list, among them, there were only two industrial construction companies and this has fully showed ACEG Building Industrial Company’s leading position in the industry of construction industrialization in the province.
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